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Division of Continuing Education

    The division is comprised of four-year university, evening two-year junior college, continuing education for two-year senior college and continuing education for two-year junior college. Among the four different systems, the four-year university and evening two-year junior college admit students via the joint registration and placement. While the education for two-year junior college and two –year senior college admits students via individual admission. The total number of classes is 68 classes, with about 2500 students.

    The division provides students who works or plans to work the opportunity of formal education and recurrent education. The students attend classes in the evening or during the weekend so that they will have more chances for recurrent education. To meet the government’s policy of promoting life-long education and to solve the society human resources demands and the necessity of industry upgrade, we provides students with higher rank options of advanced learning. Our students come from all walks of lives, all with quite expertise in their related working field. With the authentic practice they posses already, the students learn more theories at school and combine the theory with practice and apply those to their work. The students will have a deeper understanding and improvement in their related work field. Furthermore, the theories they learn at school may open a new horizon for them.